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??? Fugiits pax

Age: 15

Species: Mothbat

Gender & Pronouns: Nonbinary, They/Them

Hearing Level: 90 db (Deaf)

They are a sophomore at the Midwestern Institute for the Deaf (MID) and a part of the Storytelling Club there. On the outside, they are mostly antisocial and not very outgoing, but on the inside, they're... probably the same...???










Aether Hayes

Age: 15

Species: Batmoth

Gender & Pronouns: Trans Girl, She/Her

Hearing Level: 70 db (somewhat Hard of Hearing)

Aether recently transferred over from Smoky Mountain Institute for the Deaf (SMID) and is now trying to fit in with her new peers. She's generally a friendly and outgoing person, so that shouldn't be too hard - right? Wait, what was that behind her?